Day Three: Bellinzona, Pellegio, Giornico



Our day began with a typical breakfast of breads, coffee, fruit, and cereal before setting out for the day’s journey to Bellinzona, located 40 kilometres north of Vico Morcote. Here we visited the three castles of Bellinzona, Castelgrande, Castello di Monebello, and Castello di Sasso Corbaro, all of which had been restored by various architects, including Aurelio Galfetti. The day continued with a short drive from the castles to Galfetti’s Bagno Pubblico (1970), a pathway for the city that connects public pools, parks, and other recreational facilities. From Bellinzona, we drove to Pellegio where we visited the Gotthard Rail Tunnel Infocentre (2003), a contemporary building designed by Bauzeit Architekten BmbH, Bienne, constructed from the left-over excavated rock from the tunnel. From here, our caravan travelled to Giornico, where we stopped at a local pub for the key to a hidden gallery, only accessible on foot. The gallery was designed by Perter Märkli (1992) to exhibit the works sculptor Hans Josephsohn. The day ended with a swim in Lake Lugano and traditional Italian barbeque feast of ribs, chicken, and kielbasa.

Some discussion topics for the group:

  • What did you think was most successful, or unsuccessful, about the restoration of each castle?
  • How did the architecture seen in Bellinzona change your perceptions of Swiss history?
  • Why do you think Galfetti’s Bagno Pubblico is an effective public space?


One response to “Day Three: Bellinzona, Pellegio, Giornico

  • eric

    I have been continually impressed with the way in which contemporary architecture is woven into the existing fabric here in Switzerland. What do you think is the best way to address existing architecture before building the new?

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