A very brief update

Well, it seems we’ve been too busy to post!

And we’ll be leaving for a weekend in northern Italy tomorrow/Friday morning, so I want to let you know where we’ve been for the last two days, as well as where we’re going to be.

On Wednesday, we headed out to Mendrisio, to visit the Academia di Arquitettura–buildings both old and new. Then another stop at the “beach” for an hour of swimming and enjoying the sun before returning to the villa for another one of Cristina’s delicious dinners.

Today/Thursday, was a long and rewarding one, spent in Como (Italy) under the guidance of a local, architect Mike Dolinski. Mike gave us an insider’s view of four projects by the late Giusseppe Terragni, a modernist who helped change the shape of contemporary Como (& many other European cities). He also helped us see this city and a world of architecture in new ways!

Tomorrow, we head off to Venezia (Venice), by way of Verona & Padua, stopping in Vicenza on the way back to Vico (& Cristina’s kitchen) on Sunday. Not sure we’ll be able to post over the weekend….but we’ll try!



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