Day Four: In context





The morning began with an observational exercise between a couple nearby parking garages. As a group, we noted distinct elements such as materials, structure, lighting, program, landscape, etc. and evaluated their respective success within the context. We also noticed the different architectural approaches in designing a parking garage in a culturally and historically rich context. The parking garage on the lower hillside reincorporated the traditional terraced landscape as a green-roof feature, which allowed the garage to fade into the background, while the parking garage on the upper hillside incorporated new programs such as a playground and community space into a modern design.

After lunch we headed to Mendrisio to visit a local architecture school, Academia di Architettura. There are currently two utilized architecture buildings, one occupying an old hospital facility built in 1850, with an added library by Galfetti. The other was designed by two students from the school through a winning competition entry. It was exciting to see the studio culture environment as students prepared for their final reviews.

Afterwards we headed back to the lake for another swim with the local leather ladies to work on our own tans.


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