Day Six: Verona

The summer study abroad program is organized so that the class spends most of its time in Vico Morcote at the International Institute of Architecture. However, this weekend we took a two-night trip to Padua, Italy to visit Verona, Venice, and Vicenza. We arrived in Verona at the Castelvecchio, which was originally constructed from 1355-1375 and restored by Carlos Scarpa from 1958-1964. Scarpa’s intervention is bold, yet subtle and beautiful at the same time. All together, there were 636 architectural drawings for the renovation of the castle, which demonstrates Scarpa’s acute attention to detail. Every mullion, door, joint, and smallest detail was meticulously thought out by the architect. The new and old materials tactfully interact with one another, which simultaneously allow one to experience the rich history of Verona and beauty in contemporary design.

Finally, we stayed outside of Venice in Padua for the night, and enjoyed the local cuisine at a small, family-run restaurant where the dishes ranged from horse, beef, fish, pastas, and salads.


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