The Second Time’s the Charm!

So this is the second time I have found myself on this trip, and I have to admit the second time has proven better and different already.

The language has begun to come back to me slowly and the group this time around has proven to be an energetic, eager to learn, exciting group of my peers.  I have surprised myself with all I remember from almost two years ago, and although there is the added pressure of helping people get around I am happy to try.

Vico, Bellinzona, Venice, and Lugano all impressed just as much as they did in summer of 09. I find myself even more excited than other people just because I know what’s coming.  Venice yet again blew my mind.  Still probably my favorite place on earth with its mix of modern so well integrated into the old.  Palladio down one street and Scarpa, Ando, and Callatrava down another.  The art scene is magnificent also which I think is another reason I feel so drawn to this city on the water.

Basel this weekend…my second favorite place. Am most interested to see what has changed since my last visit.



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