Day 10: in Search of Peter Zumthor

…or at least, his accessible work! Mathematically half way through our study tour, we ventured north and east, visiting sites in three countries—all German-speaking. In search of quintessential Peter Zumthor projects (one each from three decades of work), we traveled through the Alps to Chur, Switzerland; Bregenz, Austria; and Vaduz, Liechtenstein, to see work in wood, glass, and brick, respectively. The ride back was a bit nerve-wracking—rain, fog and heavy traffic challenged us all the way from Vaduz back to Vico….but it was worth the ride for the intellectual content we gained!

First stop was to see Zumthor’s Museum for Roman Ruins in Chur (pronounced “Kur”). Completed in 1986, the building showcases and shelters ruins discovered during a construction project in Zumthor’s home region of Graubüden, Switzerland.




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