Rainy Day Reflection

‘Paradiso, Morcote’ the signs read as we drove up into the Alps from the Milan airport.  I understood that Paradiso is just another town en route along the highway, but in my mind it was describing the location I was to soon find myself in; for I cannot say I have experienced much else closer to paradise than my time spent thus far in Vico Morcote.

Today marks the halfway point in the journey.  So far we have ventured through four countries, over a dozen cities, and countless great works of architecture  both old and new.  Last evening rain settled in over the lake and this morning is providing the perfect atmosphere to reflect upon the past ten days.

Of the numerous places we have been, Vico holds the dearest place in my heart as it has become our little home away from home. Looking out at the sheets of rain falling over Lake Lugano, I am happy to be here where the setting has become a familiar and welcoming site after long days of travel. Inside the villa it is cozy and (mostly) dry, and everyone is catching up on life at their own pace, emailing, reading sketching and painting.

Hopefully the rain does not effect further travel plans throughout the week, but for today it is perfect.




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